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Enum solutions LLP is a company engaged in innovation. The main project targeted by the company is to come up with a method of production of Coal bed Methane , where present difficulties of the production of Coal bed Methane can be negated.

Less than expected production of Methane from the coal seam and the helplessness in ramp up the production from existing wells are the issues hunting the current producers. The Enum solutions LLP tackled the same problems.

Water withdrawal mechanism is being employed to lower the pressure of the coal seam from the initial hydrostatic pressure down to desorption pressure and intended to further decrease the pressure to about 100-200 psi. This intention of decreasing the pressure of the coal seam with the mechanism of water withdrawal meets many hurdles. Even if the water withdrawal mechanism works in full swing the production of the Methane from the Coal bed Methane well shows stagnation.

Enum solutions LLP has targeted the same problem and came up with innovative solution for the issue of stagnant production from Coal bed Methane wells.

Coal in itself is a very complex compound . the constituents like ash , moisture, different elemental compositions, different chemical functional groups etc make the chemical characterisation of the coal near to impossible. It can understood from the fact that there is no well accepted model for coal, even if the history of coal production is nearing a century and half.

Physical properties of coal is another challenging area to deal with. The inability to determine the porosity (void space in the coal) , permeability (the ability of a rock to let the fluid flow through it) in laboratory only adds to the limited tools the producers can have.

Enum solutions LLP targeted the problem with a entirely different approach. It is well known that the Methane molecule resides in the coal matrix. The phenomena of the capture of Methane in the coal matrix is called adsorption in chemistry terminology. Methane adsorption-desorption follows Langmuir adsorption isotherm. The Langmuir adsorption talks about seats on which the adsorbate , Methane molecules in the present case, sits. The technology developed by Enum solutions LLP targets these seats for the release of Methane from the coal seam. This is accomplished by injecting suitable chemicals into the coal seam, which leads to the desorption of the Methane from the coal seam. The Methane gas once released from the coal seam, shows its presence by contributing to the pressure of the system.

This technology gives the producers the tool to regulate the production of Methane from the coal seam as per their wish. Once the Methane gas gets desorbed from the coal seam, the coal seam with free Methane gas in it should behave like gas reservoir of Oil and Gas kind. The Methane gas can be extracted from the Coal bed Methane reservoir as per the plan of the producer. The presence of desorbed Methane gas in the coal seam , presents such kind of tool for the producers. even the permeability figure can prove to be a lesser of hurdle, given the higher relative permeability for the Methane gas in comparison to water.

This technology has immense benefit compared to the present Indirect method of Methane production. The existing procedure targets the water withdrawal to reduce the pressure of the coal seam and hopes for subsequent release of Methane molecule. This procedure leaves a large volume of water onto the surface to get treated and disposed. The technology developed by Enum solutions LLP , makes the Methane molecule in the gaseous phase . This leads to the increase in the percentage of Methane in the fluid state. As the gas has more relative permeability compared to water, it is evident that the Methane will flow leaving the water behind. This will benefit the producer by negating the cost of water treatment and subsequent disposal.

The technology developed by the Enum solutions LLP is tested on the laboratory scale with full success.

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